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EcoSlim is a natural weight loss supplement that claims to be effective and doesn’t contain chemicals or hormones.

According to the manufacturers, Native Remedies, this formula can work for any one and can be combined with any weight loss diet or exercise regimen.

This is unlike some invasive procedures and practices like surgery and strict diet plans. EcoSlim comes as a liquid/tablet product that is specially designed to help users shed significant amount of body fat.

It also claims to improve the overall health through specific mechanisms. Find out more about this supplement below to see if it’s worth your investment in achieving your goals.

You will gain more than expected and you will be glad to share your experiences!

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What Does EcoSlim Drop and Tablet Claim?

EcoSlim drops, tablets, and capsules claim that they can help people shed pounds and achieve their weight loss goals.

They allege to contain effective ingredients that suppress appetite, regulate blood sugar levels, enhance metabolism, and improve mood.

Do EcoSlim Drops and Tablets Work?

All products by Native Remedies are manufactured in DFA-approved and cGMP-compliant facilities under direct supervision of experienced herbalists, homeopaths, pharmacists, and naturopaths.

The manufacturer states that the composition of all the ingredients is deemed safe to be taken by adults. EcoSlim drops and tablets are lactose-free and gluten-free which makes them suitable for people following vegetarian diets.

What is it for? EcoSlim is specially formulated to help in weight loss. You should take this formula regularly or as directed if you want to shed some weight and enjoy a healthier life.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these are the manufacturer’s claims. You should be keen enough to carry out your own research to find out if the claims are genuine and whether the ingredients are worth incorporating in your weight loss adventure.

How to take it? You are supposed to take only 0.5 milliliters of this supplement or 15-20 drops three times as day. You can add it to water or juice.

According to the manufacturer, you should pair EcoSlim drops/tablets with a healthy lifestyle for optimum results. This means you should make lifestyle changes such as engage in regular workouts and consume healthy and balanced diet.

How does it work? EcoSlim works by suppressing your appetite, improves metabolism, promotes the breakdown of fat, and helps in the elimination of lipids from your body.

Are there side effects? Given that all the ingredients are natural, you can start taking this dietary supplement any time you feel right and rest assured that it won’t trigger any adverse side effects or digestive problems.

However, the effects of stimulants such as increased irritability or feeling jittery can be experienced. Plus, its bitter taste may turn you off although you can endure after some time.

Note that it is a good idea to research whether the ingredients can trigger contraindications or adverse reactions if combined with other subscribed or non-subscription medications.

This is particularly important if you have an underlying medical condition or while under subscription medicines. The NHI also warns that some weight loss supplements contain ingredients that have not been clinically tested and proven to be safe in combined formulations.

Eco Slim tablets, ingredients, how to take it, how does it work, side effects

In reference to the manufacturer, EcoSlim ingredients comprise natural health products such as garcinia cambogia, guarana, centaury, turmeric, cayenne fruit, dandelion root and leaf, licorice, bladderwrack, and ginger.

These ingredients are increasingly becoming popular credit to the health benefits they offer to the human body.

Let’s see how each help in weight loss:

  • Ginger: It suppresses appetite and regulates cholesterol, lipids, and sugar levels.
  • Turmeric: It is rich in antioxidants which promote fats burning and enhance metabolisms.
  • Cayenne: It speeds the rate at which calories are burned in the body to help in weight loss.
  • Guarana: Works as a stimulant to prevent mental and physical fatigue.
  • Dandelion root and leaf: Provide diuretic effect in the body which helps in elimination of excess water.
  • Licorice: It comes with ability to lower body fat mass without any side effects.
  • Garcinia cambogia: It triggers the production of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that facilitates the elimination of fats in the body.
  • Bladderwrack: It has high iodine content which is essential in controlling body weight and enhances metabolism.

The above listed ingredients have been clinically shown to be effective for weight los according to the National Institute of


All the ingredients are natural and include turmeric, cayenne fruit, ginger, dandelion leaf and root, bladderwrack, guarana, licorice, garcinia cambogia, and centaury.

Eco Slim opinions, forum, comments

Eco Slim for weight loss, ingredients - how to use?We reviewed some of EcoSlim opinions and deduced that the majority of regular users have positive stories to share.

A good number of opinions suggest that the formulation can be effective in weight loss if used along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercises.

I didn’t like the taste at first until when I realized that my weight was improving. I had tried several weight loss pills before but all my efforts proved futile. My auntie suggested this product and I attest that is the only remedy that got rid of my belly fat without causing any adverse effects.

Agnes, 24 years

Since I had become a common victim of some promising pills that claimed to help in shedding weight, I started taking this product with a pessimistic mindset. Things started changing drastically and I lost 8 pounds in one month since I began using it. I can highly recommend it but you must cut down your calories and get moving more on a regular basis.

Gabriel, 45 years

I had packed a few more pounds during my pregnancy and I just didn’t like my new figure. I could hit the gym more but things couldn’t change much. It’s until when my sister suggested this product that I started regaining my slim figure. It’s a worth investment that I can advocate for if you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Bridget, 37 years

You will gain more than expected and you will be glad to share your experiences!

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From the comments and current user reviews 2020 regarding EcoSlim, it is evident that the manufacturer’s claims are authentic if you want to lose those extra pounds and attain a lean figure.

However, it’s worth combining this product with lifestyle changes if you want to reap its optimum benefits. You should observe your calorie intake, exercise regularly, and resort to a healthy and balanced diet.

From the forum and user opinions, this is not a magical pill that will help in weight loss if you continue living a sedentary lifestyle without working out.

You must struggle toward the achievement of your goals. That is evident in the comments and you shouldn’t be lured into buying products that claim to help you lose weight overnight.


Positive comments and opinions on the forum is a suggestion that this product can be effective for weight loss if used as recommended.

Get optimal results by incorporating lifestyle changes in respect to regular exercises and healthy diet.

It doesn’t promise instant results which clearly indicate that losing weight doesn’t occur in a single instance.

That is a genuine point to alert users that they shouldn’t expect it to work miraculously.

Eco Slim how much does it cost, price

Eco Slim priceHave you made up your mind that you want to give this formula a try to find out whether it will propel you toward your weight loss goals? If yes, EcoSlim, how much does it cost?

Unlike some expensive weight loss products that may not help you achieve much, EcoSlim price is relatively affordable to most people and the benefits could reach beyond your expectations.

The price will mostly depend on where you place your order. How much does it cost on the manufacturer’s website?

During our review, the price of EcoSlim on the manufacturer’s official website at was $36.95. Signing up for Email will automatically get you an instant discount of 20% plus free shipping coupon.

If you are not alone on your weight loss course, you can buy 3 products at a discounted price of 2 and share with your loved ones.


Fairly priced and can be conveniently purchased through the manufacturer’s official website.

Discounts and coupons available for regular subscribers and users who place bulky purchases.

Regular subscription will enroll you to a plan that ensures that you won’t miss out on your dose at any single instance.

EcoSlim Where to buy, pharmacy

Eco Slim where to buy - in mercury drugstore. How to order?Are wondering where to buy EcoSlim and ensure that you get the genuine product? This formula may not be available in your local pharmacy but you can still have it shipped right to your doorstep by placing an order on the official manufacturer’s website.

It is also possible to get Native Remedies brands in selected online stores, but we can’t guarantee that they are the original products.

Alternatively, don’t bother anyone or keep wondering where to buy this formula. Simply visit their official website.


Buy the original product exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website.

Eco Slim lazada, Amazon – Philippines

Eco Slim Philippines - original, buy online, lazadaFor some reasons, it can be difficult to find EcoSlim Lazada or EcoSlim Philippines in pharmacies and online stores if you are afraid of landing on counterfeits.

Even the most trustworthy online outlets including Amazon, Lazada, and eBay have EcoSlim brands that are not 100% authentic.

Some negative EcoSlim Amazon reviews may suggest that you can place an order but end up receiving something very different from what you had purchased.

To get the genuine products from Native Remedies in Philippines, place your orders directly from the manufacturer through their official website.

EcoSlim Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does EcoSlim cause side effects?

The manufacturer doesn’t pinpoint any adverse side effects associated with this supplement. However, just like other supplements, some ingredients in this formula may trigger mild side effects in some cases. For instance, stimulants can interfere with your sleep pattern if you have sleep disorders.

  • How long should I expect results?

The time it will take for results to become visible will vary from one person to the other. The results are determined by other factors like your level of physical activity, overall health, lifestyle habits, and the amount of weight you want to lose. However, you should start noticing some improvements within a month of regular EcoSlim intake along with healthy diet and regular exercises.

  • Is EcoSlim addictive?

This formula comprise of ingredients that have been shown to be helpful in weight loss. The natural ingredients that the manufacturer has listed are not habit-forming and don’t trigger withdrawal symptoms if you discontinue using the product.

  • Should I use EcoSlim with other medications?

It is recommendable to conduct your own in-depth research before you combine any dietary supplement with OTC or prescribed medications. Complications may occur and it can be difficult to identify the exact cause.

  • Will I regain weight if I discontinue using EcoSlim?

Losing pounds and maintaining a healthy physical health requires lifelong commitments. You can conveniently discontinue using EcoSlim once you attain your goals. However, you should continue engaging in regular workouts while consuming a healthy balanced diet if you don’t want to regain weight.

You will gain more than expected and you will be glad to share your experiences!

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  1. I almost gave up on my weigh loss journey because I continue gaining weight whenever I stopped going to the gym. It’s my friend Anthony who introduced me this product and gave me some motivation. I am gradually losing a few pounds every month and I will stick with it until the end.

  2. I now believe there’s something out there for anyone who wants to accomplish their weight loss goals. I had almost lost hope but this supplement has remarkably kept me on the move. I now spend little time at the gym and my six-pack is predominant.

  3. Out of all the weight loss magic pills I’ve ever tried, this product may be the one in a million. I have lost close to 14 pounds ever since I stated using it 3 months ago. Great work!

  4. I’m thankful to the geniuses behind this weight loss formula! Losing weight seemed the next thing to impossible. But, I think the professionals who made this discovery deserve global recognition. I have lost much weight and my husband insists that I shouldn’t look back.

  5. It was so humiliating to keep losing fight against my weight loss wishes until early this year when I discovered this amazing product. Losing 10 pounds in two months is one of my greatest achievements in my life.

  6. I battled with sleep apnea for over 3 years because I gained much weight when I was in college. Little did I know that my weight kept scaling up after I got a job soon after my graduation? Though it took me time, I am now grateful that my sleep problem has disappeared after incorporating this product to my fitness plan.

  7. My weight loss attempts were frustrated for many years prior to discovering this formula late in 2018. I had made a resolution at the start of the year to lose 5 pounds every month. Though I might not achieve it 100%, I have managed to lose 38 pounds in 7 months with the help of this product. Isn’t that a great achievement?

  8. I don’t count myself as an active person when it comes to physical fitness but these tablets have contributed a lot in maintaining a lean body. Weighing only 100 pounds at my age is a remarkable thing compared to my 157 pounds when I was 45.

  9. My fear of gaining weight keeps tempted in trying out everything I can to keep the extra fat away after my father died of a heart attack when I was a kid. I don’t want my kids to miss me like I do to my dad. This dietary supplement has eased my ambition in maintaining a lean body weight along with regular workouts.

  10. I have never liked its taste but I have made it part of my diet because I am no longer adding weight anymore. I wish someone can work on the taste without compromising its efficiency.


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