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Vigorense capsules - current user reviews 2020 - ingredients, how to take it, how does it work, opinions, forum, price, where to buy, lazada - PhilippinesJust recently, a 70-year-old family member announced to me that he was going to have a prostate biopsy. But since when do you have prostate problems. Well, I feel that everything is fine, I have no problem urinating, I do not feel any discomfort but my PSA level is higher than usual so the doctor does not want to take risks. I opened my eyes. Because prostate biopsy is a risky medical examination.It’s about inserting a long needle into your rectum, gentlemen, in order to take a piece of it to analyze it. This examination which is aimed at detecting a possible cancer, has frequent and hard-to-live side effects.

Among them, impotence, current user reviews 2020 urinary infection fevers. I return to them in detail below. Explaining to a loved one why the medical Act prescribed by his doctor is likely to do him more harm than good is difficult.

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Vigorense capsules, ingredients, how to take it, how does it work, side effects

By questioning this decision, Vigorense ingredients you risk further worrying your interlocutor, of course. Even if it’s for his own good. In order for you to be armed the day you face this choice, for yourself or a loved one, I would like to give you the Vigorense ingredients results of scientific studies devoted to the consequences of the prostate biopsy . Can you read PSA? Since the 1990s, the rate of PSA has become a religion in the preliminary diagnosis of prostate Vigorense ingredients cancer. An early onset of prostate cancer can be without symptoms or accompanied by difficulties and frequent urge to urinate, Vigorense how to take it or even blood in the urine.

Since this list of symptoms is not proper to prostate cancer, it is the measurement of a protein in the blood Vigorense how to take it that informs the doctor about the risk of cancer : the famous PSA. PSA is a protein made by this gland located just below Vigorense how does it work the bladder whose function is to regulate urinary function and participate in the production of sperm hence the role of the Vigorense how does it work capsules prostate in sexual life.

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Regular measurement of the level ingredients of PSA is a routine examination for men after 50 years. The normal level of PSA was set at 4 ng / ml. But this normal rate has two short composition comings : it is arbitrary and blind. I’ll explain. High PSA is not necessarily a sign of cancer ! With age, the volume of the prostate what is it for increases, which is perfectly normal. However, the PSA rate is proportional to this volume. The older you are a man, the larger your how to take it prostate, the higher your PSA. A high PSA level does not necessarily mean that you have cancer.

And before crying out for cancer,how does it work  it is important to measure the prostate at the same time. I will come back to this later. In addition, the rate of PSA can quickly rise if taking certain medications, including ibuprofen, an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) within 24 to 48 hours prior to side effects the measurement, (PSA can rise up to 0.8 ng / ml after ejaculation)diarrhea, severe constipation or inflammatory colitis activities on a saddle, such as cycling or riding symptoms contraindications of infection of the prostate or bladder medical examinations such as rectal examination, endorectal ultrasound or prostate biopsy.

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Vigorense opinions, forum, commentsIn other words high PSA may Vigorense opinions be related to the circumstances prior to sampling, or to any non-cancerous disease  prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). This enlargement of the gland affects the vast majority of mature men. It may be simultaneous with cancer, Vigorense opinions but never degenerate itself into cancer. Finally I do not want to add to the confusion but a normal PSA level is not necessarily the Vigorense forum sign of the absence of cancer. So here’s the problem a higher than usual PSA rate often encourages urologists to engage directly on a biopsy to confirm or disprove the presence of Vigorense forum cancer.

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This direct sequence PSA – biopsy Vigorense comments measurement poses significant problems, with sometimes dramatic consequences. The very heavy criminal record of the biopsy. In the short term, first. Biopsy is a traumatic examination for many men opinions the first damage is psychological obviously, since we immediately talk about cancer to the patient.

Side effects that immediately forum follow the biopsy may be  fever and pain heavy bleeding, which may require transfusion erection disorders that may persist for 6 months after examination infection and / or urinary disorders that will require hospitalization. These comments side effects do not affect a minority of patients undergoing a biopsy but 30% of them. The biopsy is also suspected of aggravating or even “awakening” a latent prostate cancer due to inflammation caused current user reviews 2020 by the sampling, even if this link has not been formally proven. Long-term.

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Vigorense how much does it cost, priceThe other major problem posed by Vigorense how much does it cost the biopsy is  the diagnosis after the examination either an underdiagnosis either an overdiagnosis. Underdiagnosis: once in five, the sample magnifies the tumor area ! However, there is a simple step to make to avoid this error  I return to it. Overdiagnosis when positive the biopsy reveals the presence of a prostate adenocarcinoma. That is, a tumor. The problem is that the presence of cancer cells in the prostate it’s normal, or almost. At 80 years of age, 80% of men Vigorense price are indeed carriers of cancer cells in the prostate ! The cancer cells revealed by the biopsy are indeed at an initial stage, which will probably never evolve into a clinically detectable cancer.

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I will return in a second letter to the how much does it cost too frequent consequence of overdiagnosis overtreatment. Alternatives to biopsy. As you understand, the priority of priorities, in case of PSA too high, is to avoid the immediate prescription of a biopsy. This is what I recommended to my parent whose story I told you at the beginning of this message. Following our exchange, his doctor canceled his biopsy and replaced it with an MRI. Medical imaging is indeed a step price that any patient whose PSA has been measured up should request first, for three reasons.

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If the ultrasound evaluates the Vigorense where to buy size of your prostate to 50 grams, then a normal PSA in your case will therefore close to 5 points. To locate a tumor, if there is one. An MRI should help locate a tumor if there is one. If the tumor is modest Vigorense where to buy and especially well circumscribed, there is a priori no reason to perform a biopsy. Regular examinations will be required to monitor it. Most of the tumors detected remain localized and little or no Vigorense pharmacy evolutionary. Once again, prostate cancer has a very slow evolution. Cases of aggressive prostate cancer are the where to buy exception, not the rule only one in ten men is at risk of developing metastases.

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To avoid unnecessary biopsies or pharmacy missed. In case of an actual discovery of a tumor requiring a biopsy, medical imaging allows the biopsy practitioner not to puncture blindly. I was telling you about biopsies that once in five they miss the tumor area. A medical imaging upstream makes it possible to better “aim”, and therefore not pharmacy to make the patient undergo this risky examination for nothing. It’s up to you to choose your screening.Even before the stage of MRI or ultrasound, an unpleasant but less risky examination such as rectal examination allows the urologist to get a first idea of the continuation of the relevant in pharmacies examinations to be performed.

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Vigorense lazada, amazon - PhilippinesThen, depending on the Vigorense lazada results of these different examinations PSA, rectal examination  MRIand always before the biopsy, it is possible to carry out a more accurate screening that of PCA3. This measurement is done by urine test. PCA3 is Vigorense amazon a gene that is expressed specifically in cases of prostate cancer , so it is a reliable indicator. However, this does not change anything Vigorense manufacturer at the bottom of the problem even if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, there is a high chance that Vigorense Philippines you will not die from it.

For most other cancers, early lazada diagnosis significantly increases the chances of survival, but prostate cancer evolves so slowly that it makes little difference in the long term. It is therefore a matter of not falling into the trap set by too early detection of this cancer  amazon to believe that you will gain in years of life, losing in quality of life (incontinence, impotence.  Prostate problems are rarely at the heart of the consultation at the general practitioner. This is the question that the French Association of urology (AFU) tried to answer through a ebay survey conducted by Ipsos. The results are eloquent.

The prostate, an organ linked to virility. For most men, “the prostate is an organ associated with the values of youth, ebay  virility, fertility, sexuality, pleasure. To talk about it to your doctor manufacturer is to falsely admit the end of the Golden Age of seduction. Men feel that general practitioners feel helpless and do not spontaneously address the topic during the consultation. Early screening for prostate Philippines cancer develops slowly.

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